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​Project AGWAM (Fuhrer)

Increasing water scarcity, also for Swiss agriculture

​Project DROUGHT-CH (Seneviratne)

Are we prepared for droughts?

​Project FUGE (Funk)

​Project GW-TEMP (Livingstone)

Understanding how climate change is affecting groundwater

​Project GW-TREND (Hunkeler)

Groundwater shortage due to climate change?

​Project HYDROSERV (Grêt-Regamey)

Sustainable safeguarding of water resources

​Projekt IWAGO (Truffer)

Towards integrative water governance

​Project IWAQA (Stamm)

Integrated river water quality management

​Project MONTANAQUA (Weingartner)

Water management in times of scarcity and climate change

Project NELAK (Häberli)

Lakes as a consequence of melting glaciers: opportunities and risks

Project RIBACLIM (von Gunten)

Is drinking water derived from rivers still clean enough?

Project SACFLOOD (Naef)

How is the flood hazard in the Alps envolving?

Project SEDRIVER (Rickenmann)

More floods – more sediment transport – less fish?

Project SWIP (Lienert)

Sustainable water infrastructure planning

Project SWISSKARST (Jeannin)

Karstic waters, a water resource for the future?

Project WATERCHANNELS (Rodewald)

Water channels for biodiversity and tourism

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